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What is Diecast?

So what exactly is diecast? Over the years the term “diecast” has been used to refer to any number of products that utilize the die-casting molding method. The process involves two precision machined molds [photo to the right] that come together under heavy pressure, while being held together a molten metal alloy is injected into the mold. Within seconds the metal cools and the part is released from the mold.

Today most models are constructed of a mix of plastic, resin and diecast alloys, the combination of these parts produces the most accurate and detailed products.

When we think of diecast often cars and trucks, however die cast can be anything

  • Transportation: Cars, Trucks, Boats & Airplanes
  • Military Equipment & Weapons
  • Construction Equipment
  • Product Miniatures
  • Toys
  • Industrial Equipment


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